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The primary mission of all bands at State Line is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with instrumental music, to be a positive force in our community through word and deed while demonstrating excellence in musical performance, and to raise up godly young musicians who will take the skills learned and enjoy a lifetime of quality musical experiences.



High School choir is an elective class for students desiring to benefit from group choral/vocal experience. Emphasis is given to choral blend as well as the development of the individual voice.  Students examine and sing a wide variety of styles of choral music.  All music taught also contains opportunities for instruction in basic music theory.Students learn that music is a gift from God, to be developed and offered back to Him.




Students will study a Christian approach to theatrical arts, participate in drama sketches both serious and humorous, and learn to use the theatrical arts to share the gospel and glorify God. Students will learn stage directions, creating and developing a believable character and emotional responses using dialogue and physical movement, and study technical aspects such as set design, costuming and lighting. The goal of each dramatic production at State Line Christian School is to honor and glorify the Lord.

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