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     At State Line Christian School, the athletics program was started as a way of furthering the education of the students. In the classroom, they can gain the knowledge that they will need in life, and by playing sports they will learn many practical applications for life. 

    The main purpose of the athletics program is to train young men and women to be leaders, to help them learn teamwork, and to instill discipline. All of these are qualities that will help them in college, at work, and in their families. State Line offers a wide variety of sports for its students to compete in, and has been successful in all.

     For boys, the basketball program builds on itself from the early grades. The elementary teams play intramural basketball. Sixth graders are eligible to play on the junior high team with seventh and eight graders, and at this age they begin playing other schools both home and away. The school offers a junior varsity for the freshmen and sophomores, and a varsity team for the juniors and seniors.

      Also for the boys, State Line offers a soccer program. Soccer starts as early as first grade with an intramural season. As the boys develop their skills, they will be able to join junior high and varsity squads. 

     Girls can join cheerleading, which participates with the basketball team. Girls can join interscholastic junior high and varsity squads; while intramural volleyball is available for all girls in the seventh through twelfth grades during the offseason. 



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