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State Line Christian School uses                        curriculum. The A Beka Book curriculum makes available the accumulated wisdom of years of experience by Christian educators in Christian Schools. The Christian approach to education and life in general are woven throughout it. The A Beka Book curriculum is based upon sound precepts, common sense, and the Word of God. It ensures that students will be taught new material at each grade level and that there will be sufficient review of material. 




     Our K-4 classes are designed to provide a happy learning atmosphere where our teachers can lovingly meet each child's personal needs. We offer both morning and afternoon classes to fit with your schedule. Our students will have an enjoyable opportunity to learn phonics-based reading, numbers, writing, music, and art. Over 90% our four-year-old students are able to read by the end of the year.



     State Line Christian School offers both full-day and half-day Kindergarten programs. Kindergarten is an integral 

part of the total school program. Our students will have an enjoyable opportunity to learn phonics-based reading, numbers, writing, music, and art. Students completing the program participate in a beautiful cap and gown graduation ceremony.



     First through sixth grades are some of the most important years of a child’s life. State Line Christian School’s elementary school provides a quality education with a strong Christian perspective. Each student is expected to conduct himself according to the highest Christian standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility toward his teachers and fellow students. Classes place a strong emphasis  on foundational skills in mathematics, reading, history, and language. Children are also involved in music. Spiritual growth is nurtured within each child during regular times of teaching about God’s Word.




     It is during a young person’s teenage years that he faces many life choices. The need for a supportive and Christian environment is key during this time of movement toward independence. The goal of State Line Christian School is to develop Christian leaders by teaching every subject from a Christ-centered worldview. This includes instilling strength of character and courage to obey God’s Word that will result in true prosperity and strength. State Line Christian School provides the opportunity for academic excellence in a college preparatory environment. We want to prepare the young people to serve God in whatever way He has planned for their life.



     Students will build upon their elementary academic foundations. They will continue their education through grammar, Old-World history, general science, basic math, physical education, music, band, and Bible classes.



     Students will develop the necessary tools to excel during their high school years. Their education will take them through grammar, New-World history, Physical Science, Pre-Algebra, physical education, music, band, and Bible classes.



     Students will begin preparing for their future by integrating advanced academic classes. Classes will include grammar, foreign language, geography, government, introduction to Chemistry/Physics, Algebra I, music, band, drama, and Bible classes.



     Students will apply previous years of education as the academics become more career focused. Classes will include grammar, foreign language, World history, Biology, Geometry, music, band, drama, and Bible classes.



     Students will plan for their future as college prep classes become available. Classes will include grammar, speech, American History, Chemistry, Algebra II, music, band, drama, and Bible classes.



     Students will finish their high school career equipped for the future. Classes will include grammar, Anatomy, consumer math, Economics, Sociology, music, band, drama, and Bible classes. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the annual senior trip. 









     While classroom instruction is important, students will have many opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences.  Starting in kindergarten, our students take educational field trips to develop interests throughout their younger years.  The junior and senior classes take special annual field trips to the                                    in Petersburg, KY and the                                                                 in Chicago, IL.  



  • Band / Strings 
  • Choir / Ensemble
  • Drama
  • Home Economics 
  • Physics 
  • Keyboarding 
  • Computers
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Personal Development
  • Yearbook / Media
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